Protopack JS

Protopack JS is set of UI components for Prototype JS framework. It is open source and publishes under the MIT license.


tSlideshow is a standalone & lightweight javascript slider brings a simple slideshow to your website. By tSlideshow you will be able to create photo, text or html slideshows with an effect (i.e. fade or slide). It is compatible with all major browsers (Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari & IE).


Stopwatch is a tiny Chrome application helps you to keep the time for your tasks or projects. It uses Chrome storage so you never lose your spent time even on unwanted program termination. It's totally cool!

Windows YUI Compressor

WYUI Compressor is a Windows UI for Yahoo!'s YUI Compressor. It minifies your JS/CSS files in just one click rather than using complicated command line. There are also some online versions of Yahoo!'s YUI Compressor but the benefit of a Windows based application is that you don't have to upload your source codes on to the web.

Batch Rename

Want to name your files with a particular pattern? Batch Rename is a small Windows program used to rename a group of files or directories. It is smart and easy to use.